For Overseas Private Enterprises

On receipt of a request from an overseas private enterprise, JDS provides a technical support service using an engineer(s) specialising in the technical field relevant to the request. Custom-made technical guidance to suit the local conditions and needs is our speciality. This service which is often provided by retired engineers with abundant experience, knowledge and skills covers almost every technical field and anywhere in the world.

JDS also offers various services for overseas enterprises which do not have a branch office in Japan while acting as their local representative. For example, an Indian manufacturer is enjoying a wide range of services provided by JDS, including the introduction of Japanese engineers, transmission of information and procurement/posting of goods in the Japanese market. Travel arrangements for senior staff members visiting Japan are also made as part of the regular business support service.

Recent Business Examples

Country Industry Assisted Technical Fields The Total Number of
Experts Involved
China Auto Industry engine 1
Korea Steel foundry 1
China Cutting machine manufacturer Cutting machine 1
China Auto industry Chassis 1
China Auto industry quality management for supplier 1
China Steel forging 1
China Auto industry engine 1
India Auto Industry Electronics 3
India Auto industry Engine, brake, and others 13
India Home electronics Value engineering 1
Vietnam Construction Administration 1
Vietnam Textiles Production management 1