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JDS has a pool of excellent simultaneous interpreters with rich experience of international conferences and high calibre translators to accommodate the strict demands of clients. We also have more than 40 years of experience of producing very professional reports and pamphlets.


In addition to a pool of excellent translators, JDS is characterized by its ability to provide a comprehensive support system making the best use of its knowledge and information network on foreign countries acquired through its consulting service which has been becoming the mainstay of our business in recent years. We are confident that our services are totally satisfactory for our clients in terms of contents, delivery and cost.


【Specialist Fields】
Automobile industry・Parts industry・Electricity・Human resources development・Health and medical care・Information and communication・Conservation of the natural environment・Agriculture・Fisheries


We arrange interpreters to meet the needs of our clients, ranging from top level simultaneous interpreters familiar with international conferences to interpreters in English, French, Spanish, Chinese and other languages to cover wide-ranging ODA fields overseas.

DTP Printing

Our services do not stop at the editing of reports and reference materials but include printing, binding, PDF conversion and CD-ROM burning. While the direct printing of reports is its main business, the service range of the printing department is versatile and includes business cards and multi-colour pamphlets.

Transcription and Data Entry

Our transcription service is a convenient tool for those clients wanting to produce a publication, in-house newsletter, minutes of a meeting from the recorded tape of a lecture, symposium, conference, interview or any similar event or to provide data to store information on aggregated interview survey results. If required, we can dispatch a recording technician to an event.

Native Speaker Service

We can arrange a native speaker for proof-reading, rewriting or audio data.